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Mosaic Gallery 

You will be spoilt for style choice with our beautiful and colourful range of mosaic tiles, perfect for creating a unique and stylish finish in your home.

Our Mosaic Tiles feature a range of textures and finishes so you're sure to find something to complement your interior style.


GLASS mosaic is distinguished by its lustrous, fragile essence, glass mosaic tiles are equally praised for their exceptional durability making it an ideal tiling material for virtually any room in the home. Whether you are dreaming of an exquisite glass mosaic splashback in your kitchen or a glamorous glass mosaic bathroom wall, unbound your artisitc expression with our dazzling Glass Mosaic Tiles.


CERAMIC and PORCERLAIN mosaic tiles come in a vast array of colours, both plain and blends. They can be used throughout the home as a wall covering and many of our ranges are also suitable as a floor covering.  Matching the mood from classic Mediterranean to stylish modernity, ceramic and porcelain mosaic tiles bring a unique, softly textured charm and exciting pallete of colours to today's interiors.


The subtle strength of nature makes NATURAL STONE mosaics an ideal choice for completing your home. The soft hues of natural stone mosaic tiles can be used in any room around the house.

Few tiles can match the charm of real natural stone mosaics and we have a large selection of colours and types from which to choose; including slate, travertine and marble.


METAL mosaic tiles reflect lifestyle as much as light and colour and should be used with confidence. The clean bold lines and shapes of our metal mosaics, enhance and complement any nearby surface, be it stone, wood, glass, ceramic or brick. Available in both polished and softly brushes finishes, glamorous metal mosaics are perfectly suited to your home, from the bathroom wall or shower area to modern kitchens, the reflective surface of metal mosaics will bring more light in to a dark room and make compact areas look larger.

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